How Fireside Consulting Can Help You and Your Business

Accpac - Are you getting the most out of your accounting program? Is there something you would like to do within Accpac, that you do not know how? What about all of the manual tasks or time consuming financial statements or reports you are preparing monthly or quarterly? Hiring a new person and need assistance interviewing or training them? Staff on vacation and you just need someone to do a cheque run? Aren't getting to those bank reconciliations and need to be? Ready for year-end and not sure what to do? I will come in to assist or train where required.

Sage 50/Simply Accounting and QuickBooks - Training and implementation of Simply Accounting and QuickBooks; Chart of Accounts and regular business procedures can also be covered for new business owners.

Product Enhancements - Interested in upgrading to Accpac, upgrading your existing Accpac or installing tax tables? Interested in adding on another module like purchasing or payroll? Do you need to add another user to Accpac and want to know your options? I can advise, demonstrate and implement with you. Lets talk about it!

Forms and Report Customization - Do you need existing reports customized specifically to your business? Do your forms need updating to specific criteria? Using Crystal or Query, I can develop or train you on such customizations -- Let's discuss what you need!

Project Management - Whether it be Accpac or an additional large project you are ready to start and you need someone to manage your team as well as your vendors, a project manager might be the additional resource you need; Allowing me to come in and plan, coordinate, and control the activities between the two parties can be one less thing for you to manage and it allows a third party to ensure objectives are being met including quality, budgets and timelines.

Cheque and Form Printing - Fireside Consulting can also be a part of your cheque, envelope, invoice & printing needs.  Please see the attached link for an online catalogue.  Please email or contact for more information.